Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc. Returns to Westchester for their 11th Consignment Sale: Fall 2016 Westchester Event


With 150 consignor slots available, Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc. announces their Be Green Fall 2016 bargain sale in Purchase, New York to help families make money and save money while recycling their kid’s clothes and toys.


PURCHASE, NY (September 16, 2016) - Offering a phenomenal opportunity for parents who want to recoup some of the money they’ve spent on their children’s clothing, toys and bevy of equipment necessary to bring up a child ages newborn to twelve years-old, Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc. announces their latest sale to willing consignors and buyers alike. Poised to turn outgrown items into cash and a painless way to go green, the Be Green Kids Fall 2016 Westchester Event will be held on September 29- October 1 in Purchase, New York. The event grows larger each season and this fall the event will be held in the gymnasium at the SUNY Purchase College Athletics Facility. The event proves that recycling via parent-to-parent sales not only eases the load on local landfills, it gives families a sense of accomplishment on what the company’s founders call the “Green Scale.”


Meredith Brown, co-owner of Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc. said of the event, “You can positively benefit the environment by making a few lifestyle changes. By participating in our sale as a consignor or buyer, parents can be green by making money, saving money and reducing waste.” Consignors (sellers) make up to 60% of the asking price of their items and if they help at the event, they can make up to 75%. Possibly the best news is, at the end of the event they can choose to donate their remaining items to the Sharing Shelf charity in Port Chester which helps the Family Services of Westchester. Co-owner Alison Murphy says, “It’s a win/win for local families. We hope that by offering a safe setting for parents to buy and sell gently used children's items we can reduce the impact our little ones have on the environment, as well as reduce the impact they have on our wallets.”


To grab one of the 150 available consignor’s slots parents need only to sign a consignor agreement found on the Be Green website, register with an $12 fee that will be deducted from their proceeds, and compile a minimum of $100 worth of gently-used items based on their pricing. From there, Be Green consignors log into their inventory account on the company’s website, describe as well as price their items and print tags with the provided bar codes that will be used to tally all items to the consigners account when a sale is made. Consignors then hang clothing on wire hangers, package and prepare toys and equipment and schedule a drop time. Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc. does the rest. Be Green Kids sets up the SUNY Purchase gymnasium like a department store with gender and size specific areas and a centralized, automated checkout area. After the event consignors can pick up or donate unsold items, check the online inventory list to see what was sold, and wait for their proceeds check which will be mailed within one month of the sale.


Brown adds, “To be honest we can’t think of a better way to get the benefit of clean closets, recouped money, tax receipts for donations, and help the environment. We are excited to have a space that meets the demand of the event. This event grows each season as more local parents learn about our event. ”


About Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc.

Be Green Kids Consignments was founded by sister-in-laws Meredith Brown and Alison Murphy to help the growing families of New York and Rhode Island recycle kid's toys, clothing and equipment via large consignment sales held in the Spring and Fall. The company’s mission is to offer parents a safe setting to buy and sell gently-used items and promote the idea of recycling to reduce the impact families have on the environment. The Be Green Kids Westchester event was selected as a 2016 Westchester Family Top 5 favorite.


The Be Green Fall 2016 Westchester Event will be held on September 29th through October 1st at the Purchase College Athletic Facility at 735 Anderson Hill Road in Purchase, New York.

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