Delightime LED Party Light Continue to Impress Customers


The Delightime LED Party Light, known for its simplicity and well-recommended for its effectiveness to create an instant part vibe, continue to receive praises and positive feedbacks from its users. In a span of a week, the party light has gathered at least nine (9) reviews on Amazon from happy customers who have tried the product.


Spare Time Reviews, Lori R., Rob Ritenour and Tammy Lule have all expressed their high regards for the disco light’s easy-to-use feature and stress free installation. Wherein unlike a common disco ball which requires much more effort, the Delightime LED Light simply needs a regular bulb socket to be plugged into and it’s ready to use.


Some have also pointed out the said light’s ability to stay cool and save energy while creating a colorful lightshow. Seen as advantages over its incandescent predecessors, LED lights does not get warm thus making it a safer choice as it reduces the risk of combustion and burnt fingers. Furthermore, it also has the ability to cut down 80% of energy consumption.


Aside from being used as a DJ light, stage lighting, and making parties and occasions livelier, more and more parents have expressed their children’s delight over the product. And as described by most, the auto-rotating colors and dancing effects have seemingly mesmerizing effects that makes the disco light such a hit with kids.


In addition, impressed customers of the Delightime LED light have shared several photos to provide fellow shoppers an idea of the product in use. Safe Buys 4 U(https/, a certified Amazon reviewer, has even provided a short video showing the disco light in action.


The party light currently has over 121 customer reviews on Amazon and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars rating.

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