Molly Gold Announces Release of “YOGA: 5 Poses in 5 Minutes” a Simple and Effective Beginner's Yoga Guide

Yoga doesn't have to be complicated, difficult or time consuming to deliver benefits.  Author and yoga expert Molly Gold opens the door to quick and easy health enhancing yoga with her new book, “YOGA: 5 Poses in 5 Minutes”.

November 30, 2017

Yoga's ability to boost health, energize, tone and strengthen and even fight off aging is well known and established.  What's less known is these benefits can be grasped without having to commit to hour long, high-skill required sessions.  Enter yoga authority and author Molly Gold who is on a mission to raise awareness of the power of short, simple yoga sessions in tell all new book and study guide “YOGA: 5 Poses in 5 Minutes”, designed to deliver quick, easy-to-execute, fun and very effective yoga for everyone.

“I'm very excited about the release of my new book,”  commented Gold.  “Yoga can be life changing in all of the best ways and this is a way to enter into a yoga practice that respects time constraints and other possible limitations, through five proven poses in just five minutes a day.”

According to the author, “YOGA: 5 Poses in 5 Minutes” delivers wisdom and instruction appropriate for everyone from the totally inexperienced to seasoned yogis.  It's also open to all ages and sexes, with yoga being a practice known for crossing all kinds of man-created boundaries to deliver it's healing and life enhancing benefits.

The book is the first in a planned series, with the next taking the same kind of eye opening look at how to meditate.

The early response from readers has been positive across the board.

Salif C., recently said in a five star review, “This book is great for anyone living a busy lifestyle with little time, yet in need of the wonderful benefits of yoga and in just a few precious minutes. I found the book to be simple and well organized. There are multiple pictures to conveniently illustrate the poses. Finally, the different benefits of each pose are detailed, that provides an extra encouragement to undertake the discipline. A daily application of the practice will prove advantageous to overall health, and more.”

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