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For those who are looking to build either commercial or residential Tiki Huts in Palm Beach County, Monster Tiki announced they offer a comprehensive 3-step selection process to build your dream Tiki hut without ado. As a company that has expanded all over Florida, Monster Tiki is one of the top Tiki huts builders in the industry with a track record of 15+ years. Now providing Tiki Hut construction in Palm Beach County & permit processing, your tiki huts will be custom designed specifically for you.

Tiki huts are shelters that were built by the Florida Seminole and Miccosukee tribes, in the 1800s. Tiki huts were an easy build and could be taken down in no time. The materials were readily available - Cypress logs and palm fronds which were strong enough to last for some time.

Later on, however, Tiki huts were soon gaining attention and used for recreational purposes mainly in hotels and beaches. Now, a Tiki hut is a must have in a Palm Beach County property, and depending on the complexity of business, Tiki huts have evolved.

Monster Tiki is a licensed Tiki Huts Contractor with a team of expert architects and experienced workers who maintain the tradition on par with technology. The company claims that their Tiki huts are engineered to meet the Hurricane Wind Speed Requirements in the state of Florida. The team comprises of professional builders who take pride in their design and creation.

Monster Tiki website features a simply to choose 3-step hassle free selection process to make your choice of Tiki hut, a reality. All you must do is selecting the layout, posts type and the top structure. Design inspirations easily available on their recent projects section where hundreds of photos are featured – all done by Monster Tiki.

A customer of Monster Tiki, Kim B. says “Best tiki hut builders in the state. Jose and crew are professional and their work exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.” Kim has awarded the company a five-star review.

The benefits of having your customized Tiki huts are many. Using Tiki Huts construction services of Monster Tiki, you have a place to relax and unwind. This is a perfect entertainment area for your backyard or patio. This can also be an extended outdoor living space which will protect from the scorching sun and the harmful UV rays. Since the materials used are all natural, it also is an eco-friendly shade solution which looks attractive and welcoming. Furthermore, Tiki hut Rethatch is another service that they provide for any existing tiki hut needing a roof replacement.

For any service information regarding Tiki Huts Rethatching or construction you can get in touch with Jose Lucas himself, the owner of Monster Tiki. Jose and the Monster Tiki team invites you to send an email to monstertikihuts@gmail.com for inquiries with designing, building, renovating your choice of a Tiki hut. 

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