Alisha Taneja of Saffron on Rose talks about influencer marketing

In the last few years, influencer marketing has grown to be a powerful marketing tool. With their opinions and knowledge as subject matter experts, influencers are the new voice of products and services. These individuals harness the potential of social media channels, carving their niche on social space and influence millions of people. While some of such influencers do this to make themselves known, many do it to fulfill their passion for the subject and reaching out to people. As easy and fascinating as it may sound, being an influencer is no less than a full-time, effort-intensive job.

Meet Alisha Taneja. Founder of the website Saffron on Rose, Alisha is a popular Instagram influencer with more than 650,000 followers on her social page.

Born in Mountain View, California, Alisha graduated from UCLA, where she majored in political science. While pursuing her education, she discovered her love for art and people and became and an active member of the fashion club and the Habitat for Humanity club. Simultaneously, she started blogging to create a social media presence and created Saffron on Rose. Something that she started as a hobby soon became her tool for success and recognition. Realizing the potential of her newfound career, Alisha moved to Hollywood and started creating social media content as a full-time job.

Alisha was always driven by the fashion and beauty space and turned her interests into her expertise. She started sharing her experiences with beauty products, fashion brands, travelling, and soon became a social influencer.

Her unique sense of style, quirky content, and her take on fashion trends earned her social recognition and partnerships with some of the leading brands in the lifestyle space. Alisha has been an invitee to New York Fashion Week’s (NYFW) top shows and has also been interviewed by Maybelline for their ‘Make It Happen’ campaign. Her brand Saffron on Rose has partnered with famous brands like Boohoo, Hotel Tonight, Forever 21, Sachin and Babi, NYFW, Coordinates Collections, Simon Malls, Jurlique, and many more.

As an expert in fashion, travel, and beauty trends, Alisha travels across the world and works with top brands in the United States, Australia, Japan, and Europe.

An entrepreneur, social media professional, fashion and beauty expert, Alisha Taneja has used her diverse interests to become essential ingredients of her success. Her experience with different brands across different cultures brings her varied expertise, enabling her to offer innovative social media marketing services and harness the power of influencer marketing.

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