Buwoo, First Premium Woocommerce Theme with Elementor

Krocant, released their latest premium free WordPress theme, Buwoo which is the first premium WooCommerce theme integrated with the popular Elementor page builder functionality. Introduced as fully free to use theme, Buwoo is designed to make Woocommerce site builder cheaper and faster, with a level of customization owing to the Elementor Integrations. This represents Krocant’s ever growing intent to provide secure and affordable options to users who want to actively engage in ecommerce.

Users will have the ability to use the theme forever free of charge from the get go, with no hidden fees or add-ons. Loaded with the full range of functionality from the Elementor, one of the top page builder tools, Buwoo adds a layer of ease and stability to first-time Wordpress site builders and professionals alike.

Buwoo, which is fully compatible with Gutenberg, is also mobile responsive and SEO optimized, and comes equipped with Elementor page builder, customized shop layouts, and header styles. It also provides seamless integrations with a number of leading plugins such as Yoast, MailChimp, WpSuperCache, and WPML.

Josu Sanz (CEO), stated, “Buwoo was built with the intention to provide a better experience to users who are looking to do business online. We found many examples of users having to pay over the odds or resorting to free or pirated themes which come with many risks that could jeopardize the security of a website. By adding Elementor to Buwoo and offering the full suite of functionality of a very popular page builder also makes it highly convenient for users to develop advanced websites within a short span of time.

For advanced users and for users who require additional support in developing their sites, Buwoo also comes in 3 additional pricing tiers; Basic, Advanced, and Pro with automatic theme updates, direct technical support being available with the higher tiers. This pricing model ensures that every user has access to the full range of functionality of the theme, enabling a broad segment of users to benefit from the outset.

Josu Sanz (CEO), added that, “We’ve seen time and again how much of an obstacle those early costs can be when trying to build your own ecommerce site on WooCommerce. Our mission has always been to develop ways and tools to help make the work of countless site operators as easy as possible. This is why our forever free model fills us with great pride in our work and mission as it allows any user to rapidly build a site with little to no cost when they are starting.”

Buwoo provides one of the best entry level options for any user to start their WooCommerce site building journey. With a team of experts always available for support, any user can scale their websites free of any hassle and continue to grow their businesses without getting bogged down in technical issues.

Get Buwoo today and start your ecommerce journey with this fully premium WooCommerce theme free

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