Khoja Consultants Founder Suleman Khoja Making Business History

Khoja Consultants and Suleman Khoja have signed a mandate agreement with Liberty Local Mining for sales of gold bars. Currently a 1 kg gold bar can be bought from Liberty Local Miners at $45,000 USD and the retail price is over $57,000 USD. For more information on purchasing gold bars please go to for a full corporate offer from Liberty Local Miners and Khoja Consultants.    
Khoja Consultants is also offering inventions for businesses that are interested in new products for their catalogs or a startup investment that will allow for them to sell an original product globally. 
Suleman Khoja is going to be acquiring many businesses over the next two years. If your business is interested in an acquisition, please go to Khoja Consultant’s website and send Suleman any relevant information on your business. Most businesses are available for consideration, preferred businesses are the top 100 businesses in the nation. Currently acquisitions are in banking, technology, education along with business services.  
Khoja Consultants has been offered multiple $20,000,000 USD loans along with billion dollar funding, however due to sabotage and economic espionage by US intelligence it has faced delays and many problems. Suleman Khoja is taking investment offers for all investments currently on Billion dollar funding has been offered to Suleman and does continue to be considered by Suleman for the available investments. Million, billion and trillion dollar lawsuits are still available for investors at a percentage of winnings or settlements.  
Suleman Khoja is still offering $100,000,000 USD for a 6 month business trip for himself around the world. There is a $5,000,000 USD referral commission if the company you refer is hired. For more information, please go to
Governments are requested to contact the International Courts of Justice, International Criminal Courts, United Nations and the World Intellectual Property Organization along with all agencies and militaries involved in the matter according to their jurisdiction. Spies on Suleman Khoja are currently logged in files using wireshark along with app snitch and the files are available for government investigation. Please keep in mind all lost jurisdiction for crimes committed on Suleman Khoja. Suleman has requested immediate action on the spies for the current situation. 
Trade secrets, inventions, business practices along with any other theft from Suleman Khoja will be resolved as soon as possible. Currently Suleman is still facing crimes against humanity and the crime is still in action. Suleman has spoken to the courts himself. They have mentioned very positive things to Suleman due to ownership verification being done years ago. Continuous delays are a result of many genocide threats from US intelligence agents and allies. All governments are requested to prosecute to the fullest extent of the laws currently governing the matter for the current situation. Please contact the Canadian government along with International courts along with the United Nations for any questions regarding the matter if necessary. Delays have been mentioned for up to 2 years if necessary. Failure to govern the matter will result in lost revenue lawsuits. Suleman Khoja will offer updates when the matter is available to solve. The many companies involved will be allowed to settle the matter with Suleman Khoja in a local office opened for them. Please watch for Suleman on T.V. or in the news when the matter is available for settlement. Any businesses involved in the theft of any property from Suleman Khoja or any entities that are current or going forward are requested to destroy stolen technology and contact local, national and international governments for any updates their governments have for them. Any countries at war may be updated at a later time. Please verify all inventions you purchase are not from stolen technology because of patents easily revoked due to theft. 
No settlements have been sent to Khoja Consultants or Suleman Khoja. For more information on this please contact

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