Khoja Consultants World History Making Founder Offers Patents for Sale and B2B Services

Toronto based Khoja Consultants an inventing and innovating consultancy firm along with B2B introduction for sellers globally to buyers in Canada announced the company’s new services portfolio to the public by unveiling their patent acquisition program. The patent acquisition program is aimed at businesses who are seeking to gain a competitive advantage, by gaining ownership of an industry related patent or an upgrade of their current product. Khoja Consultants’ service offers a custom solution for industry related patents for clients by using a world history making inventor to analyze the business and patent an invention or innovation for their business.

Owning a patent is considered a key success factor of an organization which allows them to add significant value to a product or service. Unlike established methods or practices which can be adapted by anyone, a patent gives exclusive rights to a product for the company. Thus, the competitive advantage gained by owning a patent can be successfully translated into company’s marketing and sales efforts. Companies offering intellectual property often make a higher margin on products and can make a brand off of original products that no one else is allowed to sell. The exclusive rights to sell a product for 20 years dominates the market share and easily creates household brands. Offering a 20 year incentive to sell an invention to a market nearly exclusively is very profitable and can come with patents to upgrade the product by the time the 20 years on the patent rights have expired. This makes it a lucrative opportunity for a company to seek for a patent to gain a competitive edge on an industry for 20 years or for the life of the business depending on patent strategy. Khoja Consultants says their service is precisely aimed at such organizations where they will collaboratively analyze the business's needs for an innovative patent or invention to match the product catalog. Starting at $15,000 CAD per patent + hourly consultancy fee until Jan 2020. Prices will be raised to market price after Dec 31, 2019.

Furthermore, Khoja Consultants specializes in consulting, brokering and acting as a trusted agent in precious metal, diamond and gem sales process. The sellers are invited to Toronto where they can meet interested buyers in person to close the sale, where Khoja Consultants handle everything from acquiring the visa to hotel accommodation and money transfer for a fee. For high stake commodities, Khoja Consultants can arrange security, and can help get into a long term agreements for repeat business after samples are accepted by the buyers. The company charges a fee per item sold, and other services concierged, while giving both parties involved a transparent, smooth transaction. 

Khoja Consultants offers attractive commissions for gold bars brought into Canada through traceable and legal procedures. Gold bars brought in following all canadian regulations may qualify for long term contracts. Samples brought in by sellers after signing a sample contract are offered selling price of the items along with delivery commission for the sellers delivery men after gold is sold ranging from $200,000 CAD to 1 million CAD (price restrictions apply for delivery commission), the company can help meet interested parties in Canada to successfully complete the transaction. All transactions are going to be conducted with established reputable businesses which are safe enough and have handled transactions like this in the past. 

If you are interested in selling precious metals, diamonds, gems and buying patents customized for your business, Khoja Consultants invites you to get in touch with them via their website – – call on 14164538055 (WhatsApp) or email The world history making founder Mr. Suleman Khoja on

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