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VIP Pantry priority Plan Gives Members Priority In The Supermarket!

New York, NY, April 2020 – Pantry Priority Plan, PPP is an exclusive membership program that gives members priority to the supermarket’s items.

The current Corona pandemic has demonstrated that there is an insufficient supply of items in the supermarkets for everyone. This problem is exacerbated by inconsiderate people who grab everything in sight. 

In times of emergency, PPP works by automatically purchasing items that the member has preselected from the supermarket’s inventory before anyone else can buy them. Then supermarket staff gather the items from the shelves and inventory and pack them in boxes that can either be delivered to the member’s home or picked up from a side entrance at the supermarket. 

PPP members can add any of the supermarket’s hundreds of thousands of items to their shopping list to avoid the masses in the store. As supplies are replenished in the supermarket, PPP member’s orders are filled before any leftovers are released to other shoppers, ensuring PPP members their items during challenging times.

“ We’re all used to a tiered system on flights, where first-class passengers receive priority service. With PPP we bring that privilege to the supermarket at the most critical times” says George Klistat, VP of Marketing.

What differentiates PPP from any other store or service is that items are not sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, PPP members’ orders always are prioritized because the system triggers the orders as soon as an emergency situation is declared before any other orders are accepted.

Additionally, should a PPP member choose to shop in the supermarket, they will not need to wait on checkout lines for hours. Members bring their carts to the “employees only” area where they will be immediately checked out and can leave through a side entrance.

PPP Membership is $15,000 and includes $22,500 in food/grocery credit for use in regular and emergency times over ten years. Each location is limited to just 500 members ensuring sufficient supplies for all members. 

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