Submission Guidelines


Press Release Title : The headline should not be more than 90 characters. Make sure your headline contains a subject, an active verb and clearly states your news announcement.

Press Release Summary : Your summary should be one to two sentences (maximum 45 words) long. Make it enticing enough to compel readers to read on.

Press Release Body : Should contain anywhere between 300-700 words .This will be main content of your press release which could be further divided into few paragraphs covering the who,what, where and how as to it all happened at your discretion

Remember to keep your press release newsworthy, but simultaneously  your purpose is also hep establish your brand presence, promote a service or just get people talking about your latest upcoming product.

About the Company : This is where you get to boast a little bit about your brand, what it is and what it does. You can also include your company website's URL as a call to action

Press Release Contact Details : Writer's Name, Company Name, City, State(May even include full physical address), Phone Number, E-Mail

Keywords : Insert up to 5 relevant keywords (comma separated) to your press release here for better SEO and visibility.

To achieve maximum exposure for your press release please make sure you follow this guidelines before submitting a press release for distribution.


How to insert hyperlinks inside press release?

Step 1: Insert the following html code <a href=”URL”>Link text</a>

Step 2: Replace ‘URL’ with the website you want to link it to, Google for example

<a href=””>Link text</a>

Step 3: Replace ‘Link text’ with the word or phrase you want people to click on

<a href=””>Google Homepage</a>

Your final product should look like this in the preview: Google Homepage